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Revolutionizing Smart Homes: The Power of IoT and Automation

smart home and automation
Image source: Stock Vault | Revolutionizing Smart Homes: The Power of IoT and Automation

In a world where technology increasingly facilitates and brings autonomy to our lives, now it's our home's turn! That's right, with 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), home automation, which until then we only saw in series like Black Mirror or fiction films, is increasingly closer to us. Who has never wanted to come home and turn on the lights, activate alarms, and turn on equipment just with a voice command or via smartphone? These are the homes that have been called smart and Contivos is here to bring you more of this world!

What Is Home Automation and How Does It Work?

To start talking about the homes of our very present and future, we first need to address the concept of home automation. Objectively, it consists of the applicability of all existing technologies to facilitate and make resident's actions automatic. For example: through programming and an integrated system, we can activate locks, alarms, lights, cameras, and equipment, all automatically! Whether by voice command, sound command, smartphone, or other devices. None of this works without IoT (Internet of Things), the most important technology for making this new universe a reality. We have already talked about 5G technology here, which is also essential for everything to work at its best.

Home automation was created to make users’ lives easier, like everything else in technology. With it, it is also possible to remotely manage (from anywhere) all the systems present in the house through any mobile device connected to the internet. Living in a world where smartphones drive the industry, it becomes easier. Just as we personalize the decoration of our homes, home automation also brings the possibility of personalizing actions according to the user's desires and preferences. For example: you can program the lights to turn on according to your movement in the house, you can wake up with your favorite music playing, you can program the ideal temperature for the air conditioning, etc.

You might be wondering how this all works. For home automation to exist, in addition to a high investment value, it requires electricity, internet, and a smart device that will be responsible for gathering and transmitting the necessary information for the magic to happen. It is through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity that remote access via mobile devices becomes possible. With just one touch, your entire home is in your hands! With the integrated system, all equipment is connected to a central controlling network.

Who Controls Who?

This central network is called the controller. And this name is not for nothing, because without it, nothing works. It is the controller that is responsible for connecting all home automation equipment and sensors, it centralizes all necessary communication so that everything is carried out according to the user's plans. It is also what enables remote access via mobile devices. All you need is just a reliable internet connection at the controller location and on your smartphone. Therefore, information security is also very important!

Why You Should Get a Smart Home?

With home automation, your home is in your hands! And the universe of possibilities is immense: smart devices, wireless connectivity, connection to the cloud, in other words, the house works for you, for your practicality and comfort!

What's more: you won't always need to be in charge, in person or remotely. Through the controller, it will be possible to leave certain actions programmed. That's right, the smart home is capable of functioning and “making decisions” planned by you. Your home practically becomes your company. Smart lamps and appliances, multipurpose screens, security systems, access control, virtual assistants, all these “collaborators” working to make everything work as expected.

Are you interested in the subject? Do you realize how not only smart homes, but various possibilities that technology allows, have become increasingly present in our lives? Always follow Contivos blog for not only this but all the current trends in this technological universe, which is full of possibilities and opportunities.

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